Metalli Lindberg


Each product, service or message can contribute to improve the world we live in, disseminating values that go beyond the material and financial aspects: ethics, sustainability, culture.

“Working for positive change”: this is the philosophy of our communication and design laboratory located in the Conegliano Veneto countryside, in Treviso province. A principle we believe deeply in and which we adhere to every day. A value that enables our customers not only to increase their visibility and turnover, but also to enhance the relationship of trust with their consumers and users, the content of their products and services, as well as everyone’s quality of life and environment.


The work of every communication agency demands a profond responsibility, because it reaches the soul of people and objects: with an ethical approach, passion and balance; creativity and immediacy; essentiality and interior richness; and without violence or exaggeration. Communication and design can be carried out for many different reasons and in many different ways. Ours is not necessarily unique, but it is certainly the way that we and our customers feel is the most correct, effective and stimulating. Our goal is to awaken people’s conscience, not to numb it. Improve the world we live in, not impoverish it. This is what, in our opinion, life asks of each person, even before the market comes into the picture.

Economy + Aesthetics + Ethics

The results of this way of conceiving design and communication are visible, tangible, and last over time: an intelligent and positive investment. Today, ethical communication and sustainable design are frequently talked about. We reached these concepts long ago, through our personal evolution and a constant exchange of ideas with our customers, society, and the world we live in. We have formulated a work method that we call “3D communication” in which the two dimensions of the advertising company’s “classical” communication – economy and aesthetics – are accompanied by a third dimension: ethics. We seek the best balance between costs and benefits and a correct cultural profile, without ever losing sight of the customer’s context and needs.