Metalli Lindberg

Metalli Lindberg is a "case study" in the world of communication and design

Metalli Lindberg is a
Metalli Lindberg is distinguished in the Italian and European panorama for its ethical approach to design and communication.
This principle is summed up in the phrase "working for positive change" and that shows how it is possible to reconcile the objectives of sales and visibility of each client, with values such as sustainability, responsibility, sharing, culture.
The philosophy and work methods of Metalli Lindberg are analyzed in the book "Sustainable Thinking" (Bloomsbury) by Aaris Sherin, along with 9 other communication and design studios that are considered among the most innovative and committed to sustainability.
The author, a professor of graphic design at St. John's University in New York describes the way in which designers can combine creative thinking and rational analysis, to design effective solutions that are ethical at the same time, in a book of texts for both teachers and university students alike (Required Reading Range: Course Reader). But it also offers companies, institutions and professionals examples and useful tools to introduce and develop a new mindset for their own business.

Iuav - Ethics and awareness in communication

Iuav - Ethics and awareness in communication
After the event "Design from farm to fork", the collaboration with the IUAV university continues, with our involvement in teaching on the 3 year degree course at Treviso. Metalli Lindberg participated in one of a cycles of workshops, bringing its experience in the field of responsible food packaging design. During the course of twelve lessons, the aim of the students is to be able to better communicate the work and care behind an organic product that has a controlled production chain. To gain some experience of organic agriculture one of the lessons took the students to a local organic farm to participate in its vegetable harvest.

MODESIGN 2013: a meeting between food and communication.

MODESIGN 2013: a meeting between food and communication.
The 2013 edition of MODESIGN "Design from farm to fork", organized by the University IUAV of Venice to Treviso has come to a close. Metalli Lindberg participated by presenting its approach: ethics and awareness in communication design.
Between the exhibition of the studio's work and the public talk "Good food, good pack" emerged many different important aspects linking graphic design and food in general, such as transparency, responsibility and sustainability.
Participants in the talk, as well as Stefano Dal Tin, were Nicholas Aldighieri, packaging manager for Ecor, Eliana Farotto, and designer Ginette Caron. The discussion were mediated by Maria Luca De Nardo, editor of Packaging Observer.
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