Metalli Lindberg

An environment in which to work and live well, in tune with style and values

Our Laboratory Our communication and design studio is located in an old restored barn, with an area of about 450 sq. m., 60 km from Venice. It is an environment in tune with our way of working and living. In this space, we organize meetings, presentations and cultural events. A work group open to the most diverse collaborations and influences. We collaborate with photographers, illustrators, stylists and other professionals from many different countries, bringing together different talents and cultivating new ones. Also with our customers, we establish relationships based on cooperation and the exchange of ideas. In fact, we learn a lot from them, in terms of product and market culture, and through our ideas and professionalism we strive to improve their work daily. Simplicity is the finish line, not the starting point. In our products, we not only look for inspiration in the world of communication, design and visual arts, but also in the colours, shapes and rhythms of nature, as well as in the thoughts, values and imagination of the people we meet every day. For us, the choice of an image, a graphic sign or a font type is never an end unto itself, but instead a means to reach a goal: conveying a concept in a simple and exciting, straightforward and original manner. Our approach is artistic and scientific at the same time. We never improvise; rather, we base our work on established experience and the continuous evolution of market data. We are responsible communicators and operators. We prefer the use of eco-friendly and recyclable materials – in the projects we submit to our customers, as well as in our company. Not because they are fashionable, but as a direct consequence of our working and living philosophy. We select our suppliers on the basis of quality, sustainability of processes and shared ethical and professional values. We manage our studio according to sustainability and reduced environmental impact criteria. Memberships Our communication and design studio is a member of AIAP, the Italian Association of Visual Communication Design, an organization that has been promoting professionalism and excellence of graphic design in Italy since 1955. We are also a member of D&AD, which promotes quality design and advertising around the world with international study programs and the D&AD Award.