Metalli Lindberg

Recognition and awards

Metalli Lindberg is distinguished at both Italian and international level. Our projects and our work methods have received major awards and have been published in various magazines and books dedicated to design and communication. We are also been invited to give lectures, workshops, exhibitions, conventions and conferences in Italy and in Europe. A great satisfaction for us, but above all a confirmation of the validity of our philosophy: "working for a positive change".

Art Directors Club
Communication Arts
Design Annual (USA)
Design & Art Direction
Design Week
Awards (UK)
Epica Awards Grand Prix
Pubblicità Italia
Pubblicità Progresso
Diritti Civili ed Umani
ADSA Non Profit

Print (USA) What is
packaging design?
(Rotovision, UK)
Sustainable thinking
(Bloomsbury, UK)
Design Elements:
Color Fundamentals
(Rockport, UK)
Creative Review (UK) Domus Lürzers Archive (A) Novum (D)
Interni Paper Ideas
Fuori Biennale
Progetto Grafico
Mondadori Electa Tecniche nuove Il Venerdì
di Repubblica
Il Corriere della sera
Rotovision Rockport European Regional
Design Annual (Print)